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"Abundance" -- Giclee Print


Abundance -- a bouquet of oil paint palette fragments, reimagined in the shape of flowers and a girl with pigtails holding them. 

Bleak as they are, I've always loved these words from T.S. Eliot: "These fragments I have shored against my ruin." Every life is, or has been, broken, somehow, at some time. But if we take the time to attend to and gather the fragments of our lives, recombine them, see them with new eyes, we realize that experience in all its forms is a blessing-- one that sometimes we can barely hold.  

"Joy is the happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens." -David Steindl-Rast 

All prints are created using archival ink (Epson Ultrachrome) printed onto archival paper (Velvet Fine Art). 

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