Dervishes Dancing. Style of Andrew Macara. By Emily Golightly

Dervishes Dancing. Style of Andrew Macara. By Emily Golightly

I am so enthralled by sunlight and how it falls to the earth. :) I attempted to create this piece in the style of British artist Andrew Macara, who is kind of a neo-impressionist and the real painter of light (Thomas Kincaid doesn't hold a candle to this guy...pun intended).   He rarely paints in the faces on his figures, but the figures themselves are always full of life and motion. There is so much joy in his paintings. The colors are also spot-on, which I love. Here's one of my favorite Macara pieces, entitled Sandpit, France: Isn't the light in that tree incredible? That's (almost)  exactly how leaves and shadows look at that time of day. Or, at least, it feels like that. Here's a quote from Macara's website I liked:

"Although he has painted many different subjects over the years, the subject is always incidental to light. His pictures glow and as with all the best paintings of light they never describe, they are always an equivalent for light – the light comes from the canvas. As well as being full of light they are also full of life. Whether it be life on the beach, in the playground, or in the zoo, he simplifies but always captures the essence of his subject, his work is full of movement, atmosphere and space. Andrew’s work is deservedly popular for he touches the everyday joy of life. His paintings celebrate life and show us a new way of seeing, this quality is that which underlies all true art.”


So check this awesome artist out. And Mr. Macara, thanks for inspiring me.


As it turns out, Mr. Macara himself visited my website and saw this piece that I created in honor of him. I lost the comment when I switched platforms, but just want to say thanks again for giving me the thrill of having one of my favorite artists compliment me on my work.  I was absolutely beside myself that day :).